Photo fx Ultra  iPadのおすすめアプリ

Photo fx Ultra


* DV Magazine 2009 Black Diamond Award Winner *
* Macworld (UK) 4 Star Winner *

Photo fx Ultra is the definitive set of digital optical filters for the iPad. Simulations of many popular award-winning Tiffen glass filters, optical lab processes and photographic effects are now at your fingertips. We can safely say without a doubt that Photo fx Ultra is the most comprehensive, feature rich photo app available for the iPad.

In Photo fx Ultra, you can choose from 68 exciting filters containing 836 presets organized in 7 different filter groups. Photo fx is comprised of the following filters: Ambient Light, Black and White, B&W Looks, Black Diffusion/FX®, Black Pro-Mist®, Bleach Bypass, Bronze Glimmerglass®, Center Spot, Close-Up Lens, Color Correct, Color-Grad®, Color Infrared, Color Looks, Color Spot, Cool Pro-Mist®, Cross Processing, Day for Night, Depth of Field, Diffusion, Dual Grad, Edge Glow, Enhancing, Faux Film, Fluorescent (FL-B/D®), Fog, Glimmergass®, Gold Diffusion/FX®, Glow, Grain, Halo, Haze, HDTV FX®, High Contrast, Ice Halos, Infrared, Light, Mono Tint, ND Grad, Night Vision, Nude/FX®, Old Photo, Pencil, Polarizer, Pro-Mist®, Reflector, ReLight, Sky, Smoque®, Soft/FX®, Soft Light, Star, Streaks, Strip Grad, Sunset/Twilight, Temperature, Tint, Two Strip, Three Strip, Ultra Contrast, Vignette, Warm Black Pro-Mist®, Warm Center Spot, Warm Pro-Mist®, Warm Soft/FX®, Water Droplets, Wide Angle Lens and X-Ray.

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