Life Web Browser  iPadのおすすめアプリ

Life Web Browser


Video demo -! 1.1 is submitted and we're waiting for it to enter the store. It's a free update with a few nice tiny features and also bug fixes. Stay tuned and thank you for your feedback. It's helping us so much. Please continue giving feedback.
Imagine if viewing websites was as easy as swiping through your photos. Life Web Browser, or Life, for short, is the first web browser truly designed for touch - bringing you the ability to swipe though your favorite websites and queue new websites on the fly. "Tabs on a web browser are meant for a mouse on a desktop computer," says Saied Ghaffari, It's About Time's CEO. "Others have tried to bring desktop browser features to a touch screen and they just don't feel or work right. Touch computing is a different animal and requires different gestures. Life remembers my favorite sites and loads them as I swipe one by one." Life also features a whole new way to browser the web with Queue. Simply turn Queue on by tapping the Q on the top right and from then on, any link you tap, whether it's a Google® search or digg® news article, will be added behind your current window and will start loading. When you're ready, simply click the arrows to view the sites in your queue. "I've been using Life for the past weeks and can't see myself using anything else to browse the web on my iPad."

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