Toy Story 3 Read–Along  iPadのおすすめアプリ


Toy Story 3 Read–Along


Toy Story 3 Read-Along

Have three times the fun in this fully interactive reading experience! Zoom in to explore eye-popping 3D images; tap the blinking stars to reveal an animated surprises throughout the book; tilt your iPad to steer Woody’s kite through the air in the awesome flying game; paint your own Toy Story 3 masterpiece; solve puzzles and sing along to favorite Toy Story tunes!
The gang is back! But things have changed...Andy is 17 and on his way to college. With their owner gone, Woody, the cowboy doll and Buzz Lightyear the space ranger, lead our favorite toys on their latest adventure. Find out what happens as the toys leave Andy’s bedroom and embark on an all-new exciting journey. Rest assured no toy gets left behind!

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