Flower Chain HD Free  iPadのおすすめアプリ

Flower Chain HD Freeipad無料アプリ


Beatiful game for the girls!
Play flower chain game and pop as many flowers as you can by causing a flowery chain reaction。

Flower chain is a nice little chain reaction puzzle game where all you have to do is Tap on the screen to pop first flowers chain reaction so that all floating flowers get a chance to grow bigger. If you miss to many times it will be game over. Try to get high score!

1. Aesthetic music.
2. Easy simple operation can make players physically and mentally to be completely relaxed.
3.5 kinds of different attributes of the color flower, not the same as the characteristics of an open, greatly increased gameplay.
4. With the global scoring system, and global player an arch-competitor.

iPad スクリーンショット 1

iPad スクリーンショット 2

iPad スクリーンショット 5