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HandWriting Mail Pro HD


The Most Popular HandWriting Client, release for iPad now! You could use it for a quick note too!! Follow us: @ultiecom
%% send hand written mail to your friends.%%
This app has good charming potential. Can definitely put a smile on a recipient's face.
Use your finger to write words on the bottom panel.

Recently Review:
This is BY FAR the best handwriting app in the app store... I hate pecking at the keyboard so I use it every day. The handwriting is smooth and never lags so you can write as quickly as you want. Interestingly, it comes out looking like your own writing on paper and the characters don't look pixellated like other apps do. You can "hold" the cursor for long words and also go back to edit your note. Choose any color of the rainbow for your writing and 3 different styles of paper. (For paper styles, click "surprise me".) ----Jen8237

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